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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Photograph the moon with 135mm lens

Camera Setting : 

  1. ISO                    200.
  2. F-stop                f/11.
  3. Exposure time  1/200 sec.
  4. Focal length       135mm.
  5. Self timer           10 sec.

Equipments Required :

  1. Tripod
  2. DSLR/DSLT or any camera where in which you can adjust the above settings.
  3. Moon :)

Step 1

  • set up your camera with the above setting.

Step 2

  • Use focus magnifier to get the moon focused perfectly 

Step 3

  • The image you get with 135mm lens look like this :

Step 4

  • With 135mm lens you need to crop the image.
  • You can crop your image with any image editing software.
  • To get the cropped image as your original image use a 300mm zoom lens.
And your final image should look like this.

Finally play with some different setting.

Camera we used Sony Alpha77 with 18-135mm lens.

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