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Monday, January 7, 2013

About Us....Humans!! (Prenatal development)

Prenatal development

                                                        is the process in which a human embryo gestates during pregnancy, from fertilization until birth. 

Week 5 _________________________________________________________________________________

Week 5

1.A neural groove forms over the notochord 
with a brain bulge at one end.

2.Primitive heart tube is formed.


Week 6

1.The embryo measures 4 mm (0.15) in length.

2.The heart begins to beat in a regular rhythm.

3.Structures of the face and neck forms.

4.The ears begin to form as The auditory pit.

5.Arm buds and a tail are visible.



1. The embryo measures 9 mm (0.35) in length.

2. Lens pits and optic cups form the start of the developing eye.

3. The brain divides into 5 vesicles.

4. Blood starts moving through primitive vessels.

5. Kidney starts to develop.

6. The initial stomach differentiation begins.



1. The embryo measures 13 mm (0.51) in length.

2. Lungs begin to form.

3. Arms and legs have lengthened.

4. Main development of external genitalia starts.

5. The hands and feet have digits.




1. The embryo measures 18 mm (0.70) in length.

2. Fetal heart tonecan be heard using doppler.

3. Nipples and hair follicles begin to form.

4. Spontaneous limb movements may be detected by ultrasound.

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