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Friday, May 25, 2012

Planet X

New Evidence of an Unseen Planet at Solar System's Edge.

Is Planet x Lurking Beyond Pluto's Orbit.

A Planet 4 times the size of earth may be sticking to the edges of the solar system beyond Pluto, according to new research.

Is this the proof, what mayans said was real?

For several years, astronomers have observed that a handful of the small icy bodies that lie in the so-called "scattered disc" beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune, including the dwarf planet Sedna, deviate from the paths around the sun that would be expected based on the gravitational pulls of all the known objects in the solar system.

Although the presence of a massive planet may explain the extreme orbits, there is little else that suggests Planet X 2.0 really is out there. But the method of seeking out other worlds while looking for their gravitational influence on the orbits of other celestial bodies has been done before, with historic success.

One such small world is Sedna, a dwarf planet with a highly elongated orbit. "Sedna's orbit is truly peculiar," said Caltech planetary scientist Mike Brown, who led the team that discovered Sedna in 2003.
These extreme orbits, argues Gomes, could be due to the presence of an unknown massive planet.

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