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Friday, April 22, 2011

BLOOM Energy

                                                          The Bloom Energy Server is a solid oxide fuel cell  made by Bloom Energy, of Sunnyvale, California, that uses liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons (such as gasoline, diesel or propane produced from fossil or bio sources) to generate electricity on the site where it will be used; Bloom Energy representatives assert that it is at least as efficient as a traditional large-scale coal power station. According to the company, a single cell one 100 × 100 mm metal alloy plate between two ceramic layers generates 25 watts.



Financed By:
                John Doerr

                1.Google in 2008
                2.ebay in 2008
                3.Walmart in 2010
                4.FedEx in 2010
                5.Coca-Cola company in 2010

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